Welcome to ComicHub Publisher

Just one part of the ComicHub ecosystem, ComicHub Publisher is a suite of tools designed to provide publishers with control over their data and digital assets on third-party websites, to have access to up-to-the-minute sell-through information, to market items direct to fans, and to provide accurate product information to parties across the entire comic book industry.

ComicHub Publisher’s ability to provide simultaneous broadcast of fan messages, industry press releases, and data supply creates a solution to the current disconnect of fans knowing about a product before the retailer. It also provides retailers with the full sets of information necessary for them to be able to take pre-orders as soon as an item is launched, thus streamlining the flow from publisher to customer and ultimately increasing sales and brand awareness.

With ComicHub Publisher you can:

  • Access meaningful sell-through data at both series and item level.
  • Input and manage your product data, including dimensions, weights, images, covers, previews pages and creators, giving you absolute control over your marketing assets and brand image on third-party websites.
  • Communicate directly with retailers and fans.
  • Market to fans using ComicHub’s smart algorithms that identify potential consumers based on their recent engagement with genres, brands and creators through their online ComicHub Customer tools.
  • Upload your entire stock and back catalogs and share them with retailers and customers across the ComicHub network through their online tools.
  • Create and export data files in multiple formats, pre-configured for import into all current specialty comic POS systems.

Pricing Options & Benefits

$150 Monthly Subscription & 2% Campaign Marketing Fee **

  • Sell through and pre-ordering data on your current and new items.
  • Access to all historic ComicHub sell-through reports.
  • Access to ComicHub’s retailer network of stores.
  • Featured presence on customer search tools.
  • Access to ComicHub’s file creation tools for easy creation and dissemination of all your data across the industry.
  • Lifelong availability of each item within ComicHub, offering continuing sell-through data accumulation.
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns to fans based on their purchasing habits using data accumulated from over 19-million line items of sale.

$500 Data Cleaning Service Fee (Optional)

  • ComicHub will clean your historic items in ComicHub ensuring accurate and complete creator credits and trade dress, accurate shipping information to all items, add additional genres and brands, and return this to you in a format to disseminate to all non-ComicHub retail clients in the comic book industry.

Price On Application (Optional)

  • Additional data analysis reports available upon request.

** When marketing an item that has been created in ComicHub Publisher, the $150 monthly subscription fee will be applied as a credit against the marketing fees. Campaign marketing fees will only be charged on fan orders made using the ComicHub eCommerce tools and will be charged at the time of orders placed.

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